Media Streaming Technologies

Stream media to your HD TV from a PC in another room.

Digital Media Streaming Installation Service
Deliver Audio & Video content from your PC to other devices in the house:

  • Listen to music anywhere in your home
  • Access your media and listen without wires
  • Easy to use
  • View media stored on you home PC & view on your HDTV
  • Quick installation service
  • Demonstration and training

Digital Media Streaming allows you to have the ability to access movies, music and pictures from your home PC to any room of your choice. Listening to music on your Hi-Fi or watching downloaded movies and TV programmes on your HDTV, you can choose the format that suits you.

gVa’s Digital Media Streaming Installation Service will recommend and install a Digital Media Streamer in your home and configure it for your network. Depending on the media streamer chosen, we can set it up to connect to your stereo system or AV and speakers or to your TV. This will enable you to access files from any PC or laptop on your network. We can install as many Digital Media Streamers as you like so you can listen to different music and share content in each room. If you already have a wireless network, we can connect it wirelessly so there are no network cables required.

This service also includes media streaming to the Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

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